About Us

Blending Borders is an Austrian alternative-, Progressive - rock band originating in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria (since 2015). The band was formed by Oliver Pichler, the songwriter and also the singer & guitar player of the band. Their sound is a mix of various styles. Although the music is based on the rock genre, there are many other influences from styles like progressive, Jazz and Funk. The four main members are Oliver Pichler (voc & guit), Julian Nass (drums), Kevin Indinger (bass) & David Kabicher (guit), but their songs often feature additional instruments and musicians (strings, horns, piano, harp,...) This wider range of possible sounds and their experimentation with different music styles give their songs a certain surprise factor.



Oliver Pichler - voc., guit. (since 2015)

Kevin Indinger -  bass (since 2023)

David Kabicher - guit. (since 2018)

Julian Nass - drums (since 2019)



Lukas Kager - drums

Samuel Feimer - drums

Laurenz Kerschbaumer - guit

Philipp Kager - Bass

Felix Holzschuh - Bass